Exterior / Skylight Films

When interior film just isn’t an option.

Exterior films offer maximum performance and can be a great option when interior obstructions can’t be moved. It has a long life and can update your next project for a fraction of the price of new glass.

Skylights bring natural light to your home, but along with those welcome rays, come the harmful

Exterior Skylight Tinting in Costa Mesa, California & Surrounding Area

rays, too. An exterior skylight film can achieve lower energy costs, protect you and your family from harmful UV rays and cut down on sharp glare.

Benefits of Exterior Films / Surface Restoration

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Benefits of Exterior Window Film

  • The Best Option When Interior Film Just Won’t Work

    In situations where a window is simply not accessible from the inside, exterior window film is a perfect solution.

  • Reduced Heat, Glare and Harmful UV Rays

    As with interior film, exterior films also offer you, your furnishings and carpeting protection from harmful rays. The same properties that protect also provide more comfort in your home. In fact, exterior films perform better than interior films.

  • Skylight Tint

    Reduce heat, glare and fading caused by skylights. We have films specifically designed for skylights that reduce up to 86% of the total solar energy

  • Update the Appearance of Your Building

    Exterior films can completely change the look of your building with out the high cost of window replacement.

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